Zombie Apocalypse Coming According to Some Sources
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Zombie Apocalypse Coming According to Some Sources

Everyone is talking about the possibility of the Zombie Apocalypse starting now. It sounds like things are getting out of hand right now. Many people think that zombies are starting to come out, but other things are going on right now. Keep reading and let us know if you think zombies are coming.

Lately in the news a lot of crazy things have been going on right now. The information coming out in the news has people afraid of the Zombie Apocalypse. Many people are scared, but others think this could be something fun that will happen. Do you think that zombies are going to be walking the earth soon?

Here is what has people thinking lately about zombies:

  1. A man threw his intestines at police.Wayne Carter actually tore his intestines out of his body and started to throw them at the police officers nearby. He actually stabbed himself over and over again to do this to the cops. They even hit him with pepper spray and it did not stop him at all.
  2. Another man was high off of a drug called bath salts. He actually found a man that was homeless and started eating his face. The man is in critical condition and is still in the hospital. Rudy Eugene ate the entire face of Ronald Poppo. This appears to be a zombie attack even though it was just from drugs. They are not even sure if Poppo will make it at this time.
  3. An artist from Japan decided to cook his own genital parts and sell them to any restaurant that wanted to pay him enough money for them.

The zombie apocalypse has always been something that was just talked about in movies, shows, and books. The show "The Walking Dead" is really famous now and it sounds like people are trying to take it to a new level and make some of these things reality.

If you are scared of zombies, you should know that they don't like water and won't go near it. They do not care at all what race you are and they just want blood. Now the main thing is that so far there is not enough proof that zombies are coming this way. It doesn't seem like we should be worried yet, but the excitement has a lot of people thinking they are coming and more will happen soon.

People are so worried about it that they are actually buying up zombie proof condos. They are now sold out and you can't even buy some of them. Do you think people are taking it to the extreme? Sound off in the comments section below on what you think about it all. Let us know if you think zombies are coming soon.

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