Why Are the Oceans Salty & Why Is the Sky Blue?
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Why Are the Oceans Salty & Why Is the Sky Blue?

Why are the oceans salty? Why is the sky blue?

I have a lot of useless and useful knowledge running around in my brain so I thought I would just share some of that knowledge in a random fashion since most of it has nothing to do with the rest of it.  Some of these facts you might find very interesting, some you may not care about, but that's what random facts are all about. 

Why Is the Ocean Salty?

The ocean is salty for actually several different reasons.  One way the ocean gets salt is from rivers and streams that run in to it.  Those rivers and streams pick up minerals from soil and rocks and bring them in to the ocean.  A lot of the salt that is in the ocean from this method has been accumulating for hundreds of millions of years, however, evaporation and rainfall keeps the waters salt content at pretty much the same level, also as new salt is added, other salt dissolves into minerals on the ocean floor. So the ocean does not continuously get saltier. 

Sea water also gets some salt from things called hydro thermal vents .  These are places in the seabed where water has seeped into the crust of the earth.  The crust is heated up and dissolved minerals from the crust.  This eventually flows back in to the ocean. 

There also underwater volcanoes that erupt adding more salt to the water. 

Why Is the Sky Blue?

Like most people I always thought that the sky was blue because the oceans were blue and they somehow reflected one another and were both blue.  Well that is really not quite true, or should I say not true at all. 

Actually believe it or not it is actually the sun that causes the sky to be blue.  Although we only see the sun as yellow or white it is actually made of many different colors.  The reason the sky is blue most of the time is because blues have the shortest wavelengths and the highest frequency of all the colors.  For a better understanding of this look up electromagnetic spectrum. 

When clouds are present in the sky they are actually bigger then the wave lengths of light, that is why they appear white.   However on a clear day the blue light bumps in to gas which spreads it in all directions.  Basically the molecules in the atmosphere are scattering the blue color over the earth. 

There is of course a bit more to both of these questions, but these are the basic reasons why the oceans are salty and the sky is blue.

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Comments (2)

I think these are useful. I always like to know what is running around in people's heads. Well done. Out of votes so will promote your educational article.

This is interesting. These are the types of questions that kids ask. Now I will have an answer.