Apologetics: What Is Creationism?
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Apologetics: What Is Creationism?

Creationism is a modern movement that has roots several thousand years old. Creationism is a Christian movement based upon the statements in the Bible that the Universe came to existence by an act of Divine Creation, and the name Creationism derives from that. There are both Biblical Creationism and Scientific Creationism.

Creationism is a modern Christian apologetics movement that has roots several thousand years old. Creationism is a movement based upon the statements in the Bible that the Universe came to existence by an act of Divine Creation, and the name Creationism derives from that. It is a powerful movement among those given to Christian apologetics.

History: The western civilization was practically dominated by Christianity for several centuries after Christ. As a result, a divine creation of the universe and hance "creationism" was a given for most people in Europe or in Europe-dominated place, more so for people dedicated to Christian apologetics. However, this domination of the Christian faith and the doctrine of Creation received a substantial challenge from the 1600s onwards. The challenge became acute when Charles Darwin proposed his modern theory of evolution. With that started defection of many from the idea of Creation to that of Evolution.  By the end of 1800s a large number of Christians changed their outlook about the Bible and started believing that humans evolved rather than getting here via a fiat creation.

By late 1800s and early 1900s many Christian writers and theologians came up with novel theories like day-age and gap theories to accommodate both evolution as well as creation in their philosophy. Of these, the gap theory won the day by becoming more popular. There as a minority that opposed both these theories and maintained that evolution should be opposed in spite of its popularity and acceptance.

Picture: George McCrady Price

The increasing influence of Evolutionary outlook was seen by many in the church with concern, but very few came forward to defend the idea of Creation from a scientific perspective. However, in the 1930 some Christians started raising scientific objections against the theory of Evolution. Notable among them is George McCrady Price, a self-taught Canadian who became the father of what today is known as the "Flood Geology". Price tried to explain the observables in nature in the light of a Universal Flood, as mentioned in the story of Noah in the Bible. He was widely accepted in conservative Christian circles.

Meanwhile, Evolution Protest Movement (now Creation Science Movement) based in England kept issuing literature of a more technical nature. EPM had a number of eminent scientists and researchers who wrote this material for the layman.

Picture: Henry M. Morris

Practically these two remained the sole major voice for about three decades when two Americans, Henry M. Morris and John C. Whitcomb, came up with a very detailed proposal on the same lines. The late Dr. Henry M. Morris was a scientist, trained in a number of fields in hydrology. Dr. John C. Whitcomb is a theologian of learning and repute. In their joint book The Genesis Flood they proposed that all geological formations can be explained in terms of the flood at the time of Noah. This book can be called as the start of Modern Creationism.

Modern Creationism: Modern Creationism, thus, is a movement among conservative Christians that maintains that life has not evolved from micro-organisms, but rather that it came here as a result of a direct and immediate creative act of an all-powerful Creator. This movement has grown much in the last 50 years, and today there are close to a dozen technical journals, dozens of popular magazines, hundreds of highly technical books, and thousands of popular level books. There are several international conferences and there is also a professional society (Creation Research Society) where one can become a voting member only if one is a qualified scientist as well as a person who affirms the doctrine of creation.

Pictures: Courtesy Creation Wiki

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Comments (60)

An excellent statement of the view which I heartily support.

What you described in the article is just the truth and nothing but the truth. Thank you sir.

Nice job! Thank you for a clear and concise article. Have you read any of Michael Behe's work? He explains the concept of irreducible complexity as proof of intelligent design. Also the movie Expelled: no intelligence allowed with Ben Stein is good. It exposes the plight that professors and teachers have if they believe in intelligent design and how many of them have been fired or denied promotions because of it.

Pai Yong Soo

I strongly believe in Creationism. I got stories or facts from Chinese mythologies and Chinese scripts created from oracles the latest of these were found written or scribbled in caves some 8000 years ago to support Creationism. I am not a scientist. I have written a book entitled the Chinese in God's Land to share my findings by decoding the meaning or the pictographs of certain Chinese scripts and customary belief and some name callings for a place and the life system relating to human. However, I also made some wide guesses out of human experience and a book called ShanHaiJing which gave me ideas that God might have created things in progressive stages until finally He destroyed all things which were of no use. He then created the present world with humans in His own image. Of course, this would affect my belief that God is omniscient.

But I just got this idea and I am not sure whether this is a revelation from God to me.

Well, I must say the article contributed here is excellent. I hope what is done here now can bring back to senses that life comes not from evolution but by the creation miracles of God, the Almighty or Yehehua(耶和华)。

I enjoyed reading this article. I've also enjoyed reading many of the books written by proponents of Intelligent Design--Behe, Dembski, et al. This can be considered one of the "front lines" of apologetics. Our youth are especially vulnerable. Almost every aspect of their learning--history, science, literature--revolves around evolution and post-modern relativism.

nice and informative.

Gunawan Hartono

Science gives many evidences today that creation doctrine in the Bible is true. And it prove that evolution theory is impossible.

AMEN to that brother!

Very interesting and educational, thanks a lot!

I have always been of the opinion to have these two schools of thought should be combined to form a sought of neutral ground although something inside of me has always opposed evolution I have never challenged my own beliefs with regard to this. Of late I have begun to take study into God's Word more seriously to get down to core fundamentals of these unchallenged ideologies within my own life and mind. I have realized that from an uneducated point of view it is very dangerous to just accept the tide's of popular opinion and while professing to be a Christian but living with distorted ideologies and theologies within ones own heart can be just as dangerous. I would like to challenge every Christian "layman & woman" to take a long hard look at them selves to see if God's word is truly a lamp unto their feet and a light unto their path. This article is a good example of inspired writing that is there to prick the bubble of comfortable personal thought and philosophy to as to guide you into a deeper study of the matter so as to test the foundations of your beliefs so as to ascertain if they will stand in times of question or not.

It is important to study the Word of God and to have a firm foundation so that you will not bend this way and that with every new philosophy or every new popular preacher or movement that comes along. Read the psalms about creation and God's hand in creation. The glorious beauty of the earth did not just happen by chance and man did not just happen by chance.

Artivle was informative and on point

Very informative article. I really enjoyed it.

Creation is the direct responds to a higher and an intelligent being 's act of creation. And that is God. Thank God it is been proven scientifically today. Evolution will be non existing by the next century, if Jesus tarries. Because we have people like Dr. Philip who is committed to this very course. God bless you all.

This is great information! I love having the information about these two men and will take some time to look up their work. This is a big topic where I live and I'm looking forward to having more information on the study of Creationism. Thanks so much!

Scientists don't manufacture knowledge, they only discover knowledge. Scientists only discover what God has already created. Science has it root deep in the Bible. God bless you Dr. Philip for your profound knowledge. You are a principality in God's kingdom.

Great info on apologetics.


Clear, Concise, Well thought out! Great Job.

I like this article very much, as I believe the truth of the flood and that God created all that is on this earth , we did not evolve from apes, I do not like the darwin Theory it is such a lie.

Gabriel Popoola

Article is great and very educative. I stand for the modern creationism. The intellects have failed to proof who else create the universe other than God Almighty.

Gabriel Popoola

Strict creationists of the Christian faith usually base their belief on a literal reading of the Genesis creation narrative while other religions have different deity-led creation myths. In any way and by any group evolutionist can be silenced, credit is given to this body of modern creationism movement which is what apologetics stands for.

Thanks for the article. I really enjoyed it.

This is a powerful weapon to modern days evolutionist. Martin Khisa Makokha, BTh Student.

Robert O. Dowuona

Thanks Dr. For such an insight.

Great article! I realy do beleave that everything was created by God's power just because the scripture tell me it.

Despite evolution theory been pedal by atheist around the world, the bible is the only true source of the creation

wow, I always learning something new whenever i read your knolls. thanks Dr.

Worth reading. Even nature itself tells us of the reality of God and the Christian faith to be realistic.

The Christian scientist is an awsome weapon against people who spend their time trying to figure out a way to explain how something came from nothing. With all the evidence against evolution, you would think the debate would be over!

Ogwal Mike

Thank you Dr.Philip for the wonderful article.Yes its true that the science of creation can only be fully explained by biblical evidence. The question of debate should be limited within the Biblical context.

Dr. Phillip; This article on creationism is impressive. I learned a lot about the history of the movement and the reasons that brought creation to the forefront of many discussions on Christian belief and faith in today's society, especially here in the United States.

This is very interesting. As a seeker, I will have to look up the books you referenced.

Marsha L. Gusa

I have heard several Scientists/Christians teach on Modern Creationism, and it makes sense. Your article also give s a very simple and straightforward explanation of it. Thank you for the information.

This article presents the Truth directly by stating the modern creationism which affirms that God's all creative acts is direct and Instantaneous. Thank you Sir.

I believe in creation because if you listen to the evolutionist they say that the branch can be stronger than the trunk. I never seen a branch that is stronger then the tree it comes from.

Jussi M. Johnson

I believe that God is the creator, because His word(The Holy Bible) says it. God's word is completely free from error; It is infallible and trustworthy. Thanks for giving out this information.

wonderful, very r and easy to understand Thank' Sir

According to Genesis chapter 1 and also thru' N.T., I totally believe that our GOD is the Creator. I believe John 1:1 as well. Thanks for posting this information for us.

Thank you very much for this information... It makes me think that I have a lot to learn about Christianity and that I'm ready for it!

This article affirms that God is the creator of this universe and its everything. God's all creative acts is direct and Instantaneous. Thank you Sir.

A very great deal of very complex scientific research is being done today which is providing much evidence in solid support of creation, with many fine journals being published. While it is hardly surprising that scientific evidence so strongly supports creation rather than evolution, unfortunately many scientists retain a blinkered perspective, and thus much of this research remains slow in getting into the public arena.

It is extremely hard to find something to add to such an excellent article. All needed information is here, it has been written on a way everybody can understand it and it answers most common questions. One could only wish to have the same writer's talent as Dr. Johnson C Philip has.

Good Article, Dr. Johnson. I always why people have difficulty in accepting creationism!! The more we know about the universe and the human being, the more evident is that there is a God who created all these!

Very well done. My Bible teaches me that everything started with God Almighty, (the Trinity) and everything will end with Him, the Trinity. Thank you for taking this message out to the world, so the people out there can know the truth. Everyone who read this article can never turn around and say, " I did not know"

If some one finds a well built house in the middle of a desert, wouldn't that person ask questions: Who built the house? How? When? Why? When these questions are asked, the person immediately by default takes position of accepting the reality that the house has some relationship with someone.Because that person has not seen some one around the house physically he/she would not claim that the house exited by itself. That house is a live witness that it was built up by some one who has got good intention to shelter. In the same analogy, because we could not see some one moving around with hammer, pots, clays, haws around the world as the creator of this world, we can not claim that lifew exisited on this plant out of nowhere. That is against at leat to our human intellect. This beautiful world belongs to an intellegent maker God.

I believe that the creation itself gives us much evidence of a creator, but we humans fallen with a sinful nature will not accept the idea of a creator. as the word of God tells us: a foolish man says in his heart that there is no God.

This is a good article. Thanks you Sir!

There is no doubt in easly believing that human was  created by God, but many atheist do not see man created as the book of Genisis discribed it more clearer that God made man in his own image. The evolution has caused many problems and division today depending on the school of taught what the individuals sees and believe.There solid evidence to believe that creation is higher as to compare with Evolution.Thanks to Dr philip for this wonderful artice.

Great article! This article made the point that a number of scientists do believe in the event of creation. That is good to know. This fact will definitely strengthen the faith of many believers. 

You have given me great insight. Thank you sir

Excellent article!!! Truth.

Thanks Dr Philip for the great insight.

Thank you sir for this wonderful article
Creationism - A lot more to read.thank you.the article was informative
Creationism - A lot more to read.thank you.the article was informative
It is refreshing to read this article on Creationism. Indeed it is a stock of knowledge awaiting everyone who desires to know the truth about the Bible and Creation without prejudices. I find the references made by Dr. Philip, in the article, to other sources of scientific discoveries as very helpful to persons like me who are interested in responding to questions evolutionists raise against the Bible. Thanks for sharing this knowledge.
educative article
Thanks for this article. I enjoyed this short, but factual, even moreso truthful article as I am now studying Christian Apologetics and Creationism. It reinforced some things in my studies. https://dyvonneshotwell.wordpress.com/free-courses/
A good description for those who are unclear. . . Also, I am grateful for Henry Morris.
I strongly believe in Creationism; that life has not evolved from micro-organisms. If life really evolved from micro-organisms, then how did the micro-organisms come into existence? Whatever has a name has an origin and an originator who can be discovered upon serious research. Whatever is already created is what Scientists are discovering. The world is waiting for Scientists to discover God as the Creator of this beautiful world.