Top 10 Science Magazines
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Top 10 Science Magazines

Science is everywhere. You experience it in your everyday life. It keeps life going on and on. You may think of it only as a school subject that everybody is required to take; however, it is far more than that. Studying science is an important part of your life, and so as for others.

Nevertheless, only few people are brave enough to put it not only into practice, but also into writings. Here are the top 10 science magazines of all time.

10. Air & Space – This magazine is definitely the most exciting publication that you can read because it discusses not about natural sciences but aerospace. This magazine that releases six issues per year tackles all about the nature of flight including its history, culture, and technology.

9. Easy Science – This magazine provides home experiments that require materials that can be easily found in your own house, thus making it a child-friendly magazine.

8. Psychology Today – What makes this magazine on top is its whole concept. This magazine does not focus on discussions about science. Instead, it concentrates on informing the public about enjoyable topics specifically about love, relationship, and sex. Oftentimes, the magazine gets its discussion from psychological surveys and from other related fields such as neurology.

7. Physics Today – Physics Today is known for the contribution of famous scientists such as Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and Richard Feynman. In addition, this magazine also provides a historical collection of events related to the study of physics. This magazine does not concentrate on giving information about the new findings in the field of physics. Instead, it informs the readers about the significant improvements by publishing articles that are written by science experts.

6. Natural History – Natural History concentrates on discussing about nature on its publication. This magazine often tackles the different matters on nature like the environment, flora and fauna, bodies of water, and many more.

5. Analog Science Fiction and Fact – It is the longest running science fiction magazine in America and it is considered as the most influential fictional magazine. It is also known for the contributions of many science fiction authors such as Isaac Asimov who is also the inspiration of the Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine. Other famous contributors were Michael Flynn, Poul Anderson, and Robert Heinlein.

4. Strange Horizons – Strange Horizons is a famous science fiction magazine, which mainly focuses on the publication of science fantasies and other associated genres. This fiction magazine’s editor won a special award for her work as a non-professional editor-in-chief of the magazine. The magazine is also known for its nomination in a Hugo award and the inclusion of its issues in many national anthologies.

3. Scientific American – SciAm is the longest running magazine in America. It is known for its determination to produce articles that aim to educate the public yet not necessarily the scientific ones. In addition, this magazine is recognized for its colored graphics. What makes it even popular is the fact that many scientific scientists have actually contributed articles for this magazine, and of them is Albert Einstein.

2. Popular Science – PopSci is known for its articles regarding science and technology. Just like the National Geographic, it is also being showed on the television. It is known for its discussion about certain developments in the world of technology that includes cars, electronics, and others. This multi-lingual magazine has already won 58 awards overall.

1. National Geographic Magazine – Yes, you do not only see it on television, it also provides you with written science reports and facts. The National Geographic Society releases 12 monthly issues per year about geography, history, current events, science, and even photography. This multi-lingual magazine won three awards in the National Magazine Awards on 2008, and from the span of years of its circulation from years 1980 to 2011, it has won 24 National Magazine Awards.

If science was not created or discovered a long time ago, we would probably still be asking ourselves why things happen the way they are up until now. We should thank the people behind these written proofs of science because if they did not have the urge to this, we would have been still confused. Written proofs regarding the existence of science is much more help than experiencing it only in our everyday life. Science magazines never stop to provide us with what is discovered, developed, and debunked in the field. More amazingly, they were able to explain to us, clearly and precisely, what is happening, why is it happening, and how is it happening.

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Great compilation and well presented Barbie. Thank you!

Very helpful as for me as a middle school science teacher.