The Effects of Technology on Society
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The Effects of Technology on Society

Is it possible progressive technology could be negatively affecting and disadvantageous to people? What affect does this have on our society?

Our world is ever changing an advancing in the realm of science and technology.  Our dreams become cornerstones for the future.  These days it seems hard to escape the presence of technology.  Many of us depend on it to get us through the day, to do our job, to get around, and to find certain things.  While technology has brought us such a long way, could it in fact be hindering us in other ways?  What happens when these same technologies we so depend on fail?  Could most forms of techology just be interruptions, ways of moving us further away from each other? Could Technology cause a form of isolation?  We are faced with these questions every day, whether we realize it or not.

Look at your average office worker, or someone that works in a field that deals with computers and gadgets on a day to day basis.  They probably have a mobile phone, p.d.a. , and an organizer if it isn't already built into their mobile phone.  In addition to the landline sitting on the desk, they have a desktop computer and a laptop that they probably take home or on trips.  If that isn't over-whelming enough, they must have email, and instant messaging programs that will have client contacts, family and friends on all those means for communication.  What happens when all these things go off at once, that's where the real madness begins.  The messenger may pop up with a client wanting a quote, another window maybe pop up from a family member needing something from you, maybe an email notification alerts you, or an SMS text that keeps beeping that you hadn't had time to answer the first time it went off.  After that, you need to check the latest news and the information on the corporate newsletter.  When does it stop, when does it end?

The absolute numbers of ways we can be contacted here and now are limitless and multiplying.  As a result our attention spans are dwindling.  The fact that technology is at our finger tips and at the click of a button we can undercover our entire world, presents itself as a blessing and a curse.  The magnitude of this information overload is massive because our brain has to deal with so many simultaneous functions, it often fails to adequately process these information's, rendering us into a virtual information crash and burn!

Is all this technology really worth it?  Is it worth it mentally and physically?  All this hyper-tasking and moving at the speed of sound can become relentless .  There are clearly dangers and each new advancement breeds unanticapated or unwanted side-effects.  Technology can be used for good, such as helping us find our way on a lost path or it can be used for evil like some of the effects it has caused on us as a people.  It begins to push us away from each other slowly, with the many social-networking sites and subtleties of confining our thoughts to small boxes to tell each other how we feel, or what we are doing. This is not really what we are about, this does not define us nor should we allow it to transform and ruin us from our natural state.  Sometimes it's good to just turn it off.  Let not the only time you escape technology be when you are asleep.

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Comments (3)
Ranked #51 in Science

This is a great article. Technology occurred too fast.The proper time to develop other psychological skills to compensate for what used to occur in old world time has made an imbalance in the psyche. Because technology can now do for our intellect in real time what we used to do for ourselves, our emotions are being left in old world time, which is causing all kinds of problems. A check and balance has to occur, for our emotional level must keep technology in check, not the other way around. You bring up some very poignant questions. Thanks for sharing.

Ranked #55 in Science

You're very welcome and thanks so much!

Richard wahl

I love your article. It is so true. I am a IT guy, and I know what you are talking about. Just like this text I put in (know what you are talking about). To me that is just standard, but it doesnt even make sense, because I didnt hear you talk!