Quality Control Concept In Engineering Practice
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Quality Control Concept In Engineering Practice

Quality control concept in engineering practice is a joint effort of the contractor and the owner. It is a check and balance system and this concept requires quality control by the contractor, and quality assurance by the owner. 1. Quality control by the contractor. 2. Quality assurance by the owner.

Quality control is an essential part of engineering practice and is vital to the development of public works, highways or other infrastructures. It is necessary when one party, the builder/contractor, does work for another party, the owner.

Quality control in construction project is a joint effort of the contractor and the owner to achieve the level of quality desired by the owner as established in the project specifications. This concept is a check and balance system and it calls for a two-fold program, namely:

1. Quality control by the contractor.

2. Quality assurance by the owner.

The owner is the individual or company who has need for a structure but does not have the ability to build it himself. So he hires another party to do it for him.

The other party is the contractor, also an individual or company, who builds for others for a fee. The owner determines the standards of quality since he pays the bills. Quality requirements are reflected in the plans and specifications which are prepared by the engineer hired by the owner.

The two parties enter into a contract, including the plans and specifications which contains, among others, the agreed-upon requirements and the compensation to be paid. The requirements are two-fold, one involving the quality and the other, quantity. In designing an engineering structure, the materials selected shall have the desired quality to withstand the forces which the structure will be subjected during its life span. In addition these materials should be used in such quantity and in such a way that the cost of the structure will be as small as possible. All steps taken during construction to ensure an end-product which will possess the agreed-upon quality constitute what is known as quality control.

Responsibilities of the Parties


1. The contractor’s task is to regulate, test and inspect his procedures, equipment, materials, and manpower so that the completed facility will comply with the requirements.

2. The concept is to place basic responsibility for quality control in the contractor. It requires establishment by each contractor of a working quality control organization with responsibility for supervision and inspection at all levels of the work. Control of the quality of work should be recognized by any well-meaning contractor as his inherent responsibility whether or not it is stated in the contract documents. Contractors should be willing to accept this responsibility.


1. The owner’s task is to verify that the contractor’s quality control system is functioning and the completed structure or part of the structure is of the specified quality.

2. The owner or his representative should refrain from interfering with the contractor’s work. His work should be confined to check or verification tests or inspection only when it has been ascertained that there have been deviations from the quality control program and the specified quality is not being produced.

Adapted from: Materials Quality Control Handbook by Jose C. Santos, BMQC-MPWH, Manila, September 1983.

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