How to Catch Fish with Asparagus
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How to Catch Fish with Asparagus

Asparagus contains chemicals that pass into human urine and attract fish. There are three kinds of asparagus and it is thought to be beneficial in preventing heart disease.

The young tender shoots of the asparagus are used as a vegetable. It has long been popular, but did go out of favor for a while during the Middle Ages and was popular again during the sixteen hundreds. It was known to many ancient peoples including Romans, Egyptians and Greeks who cooked and ate it during the summer months and dried the stems to keep them for use during the winter.

Asparagus has very few calories and contains anti-oxidants, but is also full of vitamins A, B6, C, E and K. There is some evidence that it may be beneficial to those with heart disease and that the high levels of potassium in asparagus actually slow down the loss of calcium from the body.

There are three different types of asparagus available in most areas of the world and these include Spargel which is German, white asparagus and is grown under the soil so that it stays white. The soil is stacked up over it as it grows. This gives it a much sweeter flavor. Green asparagus is the green and purple one that most of us see quite often. Then there is wild asparagus with its long thin stems and short spears.

Apart from its amazing flavor which is something of an acquired taste, the texture of asparagus is not as popular in UK as it is in US. It also has the ability to attract fish according to US scientist, Homer Smith. He discovered that tinned asparagus was included as part of the emergency ration kit given to American pilots in the Pacific Ocean region, who were working for the US spy organization called the Office of Strategic Services.

The idea of the pilots eating asparagus was a clever one because those who were shot down, or stranded on remote islands had a very valuable way of feeding themselves. Asparagus contains mercaptans which are powerful chemical attractants, and when the vegetable is eaten, these chemicals pass into the urine. The pilots were told to urinate into the water, so that the chemicals would spread through the water and attract fish to the area, making them much easier to catch. This was of course, a valuable food source and the smell of asparagus is present in the urine after just fifteen minutes in many people, or thirty minutes at most.

As a bonus for pilots, asparagus is an excellent source of vitamin A which is essential for good night vision.


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Comments (10)

Fascinating topic, maybe I will try it next time I go fishing!

Interesting! Learning is truly a never-ending process.

Chris Stonecipher and Friends

It is so fascinating to see that asparagus has so many uses. Uses for catching fish and the benefits for pilots is something I never heard of. I learned something new today. thank you

Ranked #7 in Science

Unless the fish are sharks but wow this is useful information :-)

That is so fascinating, what a fun to read ending.

I knew that stuff had to be good for something!

Fish and asparagus - my two favorite foods!

I wonder if this works in the Gulf of Mexico as well; my boyfriend fishes a lot I'll have to pass this on to him! Thanks!

Ranked #7 in Science

100,000+ people should eat tonnes of asparagus and all take turns standing on the southern-most tip of Florida and pee into the ocean, -attract all those fish (and birds that feed upon them) the hell away from that massive oil spill... and bill BP (British Petroleum) for your travel & accommodations getting/staying there for the eco-task to which you have just been assigned. ...Just my opinion though..

Robert McKnobbington

We discovered this on our own in Alberta fishing on Wabamun Lake, the day after eating asparagus, what do you know, piss in the water and the fish come right up to the boat!