Here Are Few Unique Facts You May Not Know About Carbon!
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Here Are Few Unique Facts You May Not Know About Carbon!

Here are some unique things you may not have known about carbon!


 Carbon is one of the basic elements of matter. It is a chemical symbol is "C" letter and its atomic number is 6. Pure carbon is found in nature in two different forms. It is found in the form of diamonds and in the black graphite which is used in pencils. Both diamonds and graphite are crystalline in structure. The purest form of carbon can be made by heating sugar until it stops smoking.

Coke, charcoal, lamp black, carbon black and bone black may also be called animal charcoal and are manufactured forms of carbon. Coke is made by treating soft coal without air and charcoal is made in a similar manner from wood. Lamp black is made by the incomplete burning of gaseous air particles which may contain carbon. Bone black is made by heating bones in a vacuum.

Carbon makes up less than one percent of all masses but it forms part of all food items and is part of every living thing. Chemists have even given the name organic chemistry to the branch of chemistry science which studies carbon compounds.

Some common substances containing carbon are diamonds, pencils, chalk, gasoline, bread and beets. The properties of carbon vary widely. The diamond is the hardest substance known on earth. Graphite is so soft it can be used to lubricate moving parts. Coke and charcoal are burned in furnaces and used for metalworking. Lamp black is used as filler for making things from rubber and in making paints. Bone black is used to remove color from brown sugar to make it white. Pure carbon is very inactive chemically except at high temperatures but many carbon compounds unite easily with other elements or compounds.

More than 500,000 carbon compounds have been identified. Their atoms are combined in different ways to give an infinite number or substances which contain carbon. Carbon combines with oxygen to form carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Growing plants absorb carbon dioxide gas to make plant food. Carbon combines with hydrogen to form a great class of compounds known as hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons are the chief compounds in petroleum, natural gas, gasoline, turpentine and many other important products in the industry. The dye stuff industry developed around the way carbon combines with nitrogen, oxygen and other elements. The carbine business for the production of acetylene has a high position in our business world.

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Comments (2)

Only a few? I didn't know most of them.

You're right: I DIDN'T know those facts! Thanks for the interesting information about carbon.