Five Sci-fi Concepts That Can Re-define Human Life
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Five Sci-fi Concepts That Can Re-define Human Life

While most of the fictional concepts are just good enough for the movies, some of them are so basic and plausible, that if they exist for real, they can change our lives forever. Here is the list of some such fictional concepts that have the ability to redefine human life, along with the possible advantages and disadvantages:

The “Sci-Fi” genre of the movies has been the favorite of many Hollywood directors and audience. The creativity and intelligence of these movie makers had given rise to many fictional concepts and characters. While most of the concepts are just good enough for the movies, some of them are so basic and plausible, that if they exist for real, they can change our lives forever. However, as with any good thing, there will also be some negative consequences. Here is the list of some such fictional concepts that have the ability to redefine human life, along with the possible advantages and disadvantages:

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a concept made famous by many great movies like the Terminator series, the Matrix trilogy etc. Artificial Intelligence is nothing but the ability of machines to think and take actions according to the environment and situations - the intelligence given to a machine by human. Many scientists are now working on creating a perfect robot which can think, perceive, act and learn like a human. If the scientists are successful in that, there could be some amazing consequences.



Considering that machines become as good as humans in taking actions, every aspect of our life gets related to AI. The technology can be improved quickly and applied in every field. They could do everything more accurately than a human. For example, they can drive better than humans and follow all traffic rules. This could reduce the number of accidents and casualties.


The first disadvantage could be “unsupervised learning”. What would happen with unsupervised learning is the main plot of many Sci-Fi movies. Let’s assume that their learning is completely supervised and nothing could go wrong, and the robots are programmed not to attack humans on their own. But there are politicians and power thirsty people who could use AI according to their will. That could result in many wars and riots. Since the robots are perfect, they would replace humans in every field. That means many of us would be jobless.


Teleportation became famous because of the TV series “Star Trek”. It essentially involves the transport of matter from one place to another place in an instant, regardless of the physical distance between the places. There are many theories about how teleportation could be possible. The most realistic theory is the Quantum teleportation theory in which a body gets destroyed at one place and is recreated at another place.



Once fully developed, teleportation could replace all means of transport. In an instant we will be able to meet any of our friends, relatives and others. Instead of public bus or train stations there could be portal stations. Pollution and Global warming gets controlled since there will be no automobiles.


Instant transport would pose several security related problems. It becomes the job of government to monitor every instance of teleportation as this could be a good and easy transport for criminals and terrorists. Every home should be installed with anti- portal locks to prevent thieves from entering the house directly.

Time travel:

Time travel is a concept known to almost everyone. It is the plot of many sci-fi movies. Scientists have been trying to make a working time travel machine, but are challenged by paradoxes such as grandfather paradox: suppose you travel back in time and kill your grandfather before he meets your grandmother, you will never be born and therefore cannot kill your grandfather. There are other numerous confusions associated with this concept.



A working time machine will not be extensively advantageous for humans. It probably could be used to go back in time and reliving historic and other important events. It also could be used to take back wrong decisions.


Disadvantages are vast with time travel. For example: One could go back in time, kill Isaac Newton and claim that he proposed the gravitational law. Nobody would even know who Newton was. Again, someone could just kill him and the same thing repeats. There will be so many alternate realities (changed realities due to time travel) and nothing stays for long. Thousands of people would change realities in a day. And the worst part is nobody even knows that the reality is changed. If that continues the time wouldn’t even pass by.

Human cloning:

To create a perfect living copy of a mammal or human is the dream project of many research groups across the world. There have been instances of animal cloning but none was entirely successful. Either the birth of cloned animals was defective or they developed problems as they grew older. However, scientists still continue to try and clone animals, with ethical laws and concerns being a major setback for them. Let us assume that sometime in the future they are successful with it, and look at the possible pros and cons of cloning.



We can re-create many extinct species and study them at more detail. Many dead prominent people could be brought back to life, though it is completely dependent on the availability of their DNA. We can also create the “perfect” human being by making sure he is genetically the finest, and carries the genetic make that would give him all positive attributes while eliminating the “negative” genes.


Cloning can be used by anti-social people to create armies of people, who all look exactly the same. The value of human life would be lost. Cloning of species like dinosaurs and bringing them back to life can result in mass destruction of the planet and can threaten the existence of human life.

Warp speed:

Traveling at warp speed refers to a velocity greater than that of light, and is used in many movies and TV shows, the most noted again being Star-Trek. The main problem with warp speed comes with Einstein’s Special Relativity which states that it is impossible to travel faster than light, as the energy needed to propel something to that speed would be infinite. Also, the resistance that the passengers on-board will experience at such speeds will smash them against their seats. However, in the movies, the spaceships achieve warp speed by utilizing the huge amount of energy, generated by nuclear fusions and matter-antimatter annihilations, to pull the space towards them instead of exceeding the speed of light.



Warp drive would be extremely useful to astro-physicists and space explorers to study outer space in a much detailed way, as they would be able to travel to very distant galaxies and planets. We might find new planets that can support life, or for that matter, we may even find new civilizations (commonly known as Aliens).


Frankly, there are not many immediate disadvantages with warp drives. However, the amount of the energy needed to fuel the spaceships is so enormous that any mistake or accident while generating such energy can have a devastating effect on the planet.

Though there are many more extremely interesting fictional concepts, these are the ones that I am most familiar with and the ones that I feel are most capable of changing human life. If you feel I missed out any of your favorite concept or theory, feel free to let me know with your comments!

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Comments (10)

Replicators, like those in the star trek series, would have a huge impact on human life. Imagine being able to replicate anything you needed.

Human cloning is always not be allowed as it against natural law.

Thanks for publishing this. Some fascinating propositions here. I used to do a course on science fictions movies, so I find this very interesting.

Ranked #4 in Science

Great post! Science is always interesting to me like physics and chemistry.

I love this article :D Would love for teleportation to become a reality :D Great work.

Great conceptual article. I always loved to open up my flip-phone and think of the original Star Trek's communicators. Then there are the Star Trek TNG electronic books: can we say Kindle? LOL. If sci-fi did not enter our minds, would we have a computer, a submarine? Loved it!

I used to love watching star trek and star wars. They help us to unleash our imaginations.

great article. time travel is too dangerous to let people loose with but telportation could be very useful

teleporting would be great! Not too sure about warp speed, though. Our society already moves way too fast as far as I'm concerned. interesting and fun article. I'm buzzing it up.

This is such a great piece of work.