Bulletin Board Ideas: Things That Swim
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Bulletin Board Ideas: Things That Swim

Bulletin boards are helpful tools in the classroom but the materials and design must be planned well especially if they are for young kids.

The bulletin board is one of the accessories in the classroom that aids the children to connect to their lessons. While it is not as effective as the book that the kids use daily, it is also one of the important tools in the classroom that help enhance learning especially to the young kids.

The bulletin board is used to motivate the kids so that they could connect better to their new lessons. Setting up the bulletin board needs careful planning too and the materials used must be related to the lessons.

Here are things that swim that are can be great ideas for preschool bulletin boards.


Children know very well that a fish swims but they do not know that there are countless kinds of fish living under water. If you want to introduce fish to children, start by sticking pictures of fish on the bulletin board. Make sure that they are colorful, big enough for them to see clearly and well illustrated. Do not add a picture that is blurred because young kids will not appreciate it. Fish come in different colors, shapes and sizes so you have to show them on the bulletin board.


The shrimp is one of the water creatures that children are familiar with. This is because they often have shrimp included in their meals. The orange or red color of the shrimp will make the bulletin board colorful and more interesting in the eyes of the young kids. Be sure to make the shrimp big enough for the kids to appreciate and enjoy.


Many young kids are not yet familiar with the seahorse so you have to use big and clear pictures of seahorses on the bulletin board. What’s interesting about this sea creature is the way it swims.


If you want the kids to know what stingrays are you can include them on the bulletin board. The advantage of including things that the young kids aren’t familiar with is that they will learn to appreciate other things other than what they already know and learn about them. Adding new things to the bulletin board that the young kids do not know will enhance better learning for the young kids.

The bulletin board helps the kids discover new things that will enhance better learning. Make sure that the bulletin board is full of interesting things that are related to one another. Do not crowd the bulletin board with so many things because the kids will get confused.

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