Animals That Cry Just Like Humans
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Animals That Cry Just Like Humans

Animals do cry just like humans though the reason for crying might differ from that of humans.

Crying, as much as it does have its benefits, is not always carried out on impulse but for a variety of reasons. Whether by humans or any other animals; there is always a reason for crying. Why do humans cry? Humans cry when they lose a loved one to death; when they are heartbroken; when they are filled with joy; etc. Humans have a variety of reasons for crying.

But, have you ever wondered if animals cry? Do animals really cry; and why?

In the first instance, let’s make one thing very clear. Animals do cry; and for a variety of reasons just like humans. In this article we will answer the questions and clarify the fact that animals do cry; and we will look into some instances of animals that actually cry.

Actual cases of animals crying

All animals can shed tears. Tears are an important protection and lubricant for the eyes. They flush out irritants and keep the eyes wet to enhance vision. Before now, scientists presume that only humans cry “emotional” tears while all the other lesser species only cry as a result of irritation of the eyes. However, recent research has shown that animals do in fact cry.

Researchers have found that young mammals and birds cry with distress when they are separated from their mothers. Experts and hunters have both noted that the cries of a bear cub separated from its mother sounds very alike to a human baby's cry. The Dugong, the sea cow that lives in the Indian Ocean is known to cry immensely when in trouble or pain. Even baby rats have been known to cry when cold or fallen out of his nest. This brings the mother to the rescue and the fallen pup is back into the nest.

Donkeys have been known to cry as well. You could actually see tears drop and roll out from under its long eye lashes; see the trembling of its lips and the hunching of its shoulders as it is been burdened with loads by humans.

Perhaps, you have seen the cries of the bird left behind by the rest of the flock or monkey babies crying to their mothers when they are hungry or being weaned away from breast milk. For the monkeys, the mother monkey does initially respond to the distress call but as they respond less, the baby monkeys learn to depend less on their mothers and fend for themselves.

When an elephant dies, the entire group surrounds it and weep. When a baby elephant is hurt, the mother stays with it until help arrives or it gets well. Baby elephants in particular have been known to produce a very sad, keening sound.

Recent scientific research does show that spindle cells, which were once believed to exist only in humans and some other great apes, have been discovered in humpback whales, fin whales, killer whales and sperm whales in the same area of their brains as spindle cells in human brains. This brain region is linked with social organization, empathy and intuition about the feelings of others, as well as rapid gut reactions. Spindle cells are important in processing emotions. It’s likely that if we seek the presence of spindle cells in other animals we will find them.

Do animals cry? Of course they do. They appear to have feelings as well. All you need do is look into their eyes to know.


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Comments (28)

Very interesting, great read.

Thanks for sharing, we forget that animals have emotions similar to humans..voted

Ranked #10 in Science

I just hope crocodile tears are genuine.

Ranked #5 in Science

Thanks Ron and Francina......and Patrick, crocodile tears are actually not genuine. hence, the saying "shedding crocodile tears"

Ranked #33 in Science

Hummm . . .

What a brilliant idea for an article. One thing is certain - if animals are in distress they show it, with or without tears and either way it brings tears to my eyes.

Ranked #5 in Science

Thanks Marion for the addition. Animals do feel and they should be treated with love......and respect; even the dangerous ones.

Ranked #3 in Science

This is fun and "touching".

I enjoyed this article. I think we humans can easily underestimate the complexity of all animals. Great job!

Ranked #33 in Science

If we "superior" humans would just stop to acknowledge that we are animals, too, the world would be a much different place . . .

Ranked #5 in Science

PG, Sharla and James, thanks for your comments. Its good for you to drop by.

Interesting article Daniel. Animals are like humans with feelings that is why we should respect them. But, there's a difference when people act as animals :D

Donkeys are amazing animals, I own one. They do feel sadness its true, and sadly are abused in many parts of the world, mostly by tourists who get a thrill out of riding a donkey.

You have created a great article here with depth and wisdom. I have not been getting emails from Factoidz when my favorite authors publish an article. With some difficulty I have found some ways of finding these new articles and returning comments and awarding votes as well. Thank you for your patience with this tardy comment.

Ranked #5 in Science

Thanks Phoenix, Brenda and Roberta for the wonderful comments. And Roberta, really sorry for the pains and I hope the fault will be rectified soon.

This is probably the most interesting article I read this week. Great work

Ranked #5 in Science

Thanks Ioana for the wonderful comment. Appreciate your dropping by and the vote. thanks again.

Very interesting topic for an article. Good to have you back.

Ranked #37 in Science

My dog, whines, cries, and moans like a human. If you wake her up she will moan like a human it is actually pretty funny.

Ranked #5 in Science

Thanks Winifred..

Ranked #5 in Science

Rae, its really surprising when you see the similarities humans bear in common to animals.......its glaring. We "superior" humans, as my friend James Covey puts it should put animals into consideration by giving them better treatment. Thanks for the vote and comment.

I believe all animals feel emotion! Love this article!

Ranked #5 in Science

Thanks Elise!

Ranked #60 in Science

Fascinating article, thank you!

Ranked #5 in Science

The pleasure is mine Kerry.

What a beautiful article. I simply loved it. You are so right, my friend! Bravo for this wonderful post. Very best wishes. (I am out of votes today).

Ranked #5 in Science

Thanks Francois. Appreciate the nice comments.

Now I want to cry lol.  But seriously, it's touching.  That old say 'an elephant never forgets' is so true.  These are huge, thinking, considerate and compassionate animals.